Dear fruits,
This week’s BIAGW is entirely dedicated to my greatest passion in life: interiors!
Once a year (or whenever I feel like it) I will present WOGI – The World Of Gay Interiors.

Today’s edito princeps of WOGI is nothing but a tantalization, a visual delight, But please do try it at home…

Magno cum gaudio!
Per Joannesson.

This weeks favorite arboris : monstera deliciosa and the magnificently poisonous heracleum mantegazzianum.

Carsten Höller, Suicide Gerbera

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa

Untitled (Tall black plant), Jonas Wood

“Two plants”, Lucian Freud


“Black and white plant”, Jonas Wood

Heracleum antegazzianum

“Rhexia”, Paul Morrison 2011

Phoebe Washburn


Greek urn.

Greek purn.

“Gandagaz”, Wim Delvoye

Doric beauty

Idem ditto.

Cy Twombly in his epic Rome apartment 1966.

Best emperor Caligula.

“Damas racine rose”, Lelievre.

“Orta”, Pierre Frey.

Classic cutie.


The Illegal Operation, 1962. Ed Kienholz:

Clothes Hanger Lamp | Droog Lighting | by Hector Serrano


Antique mirror damaged by bullets in the Serdán home, now the Museum of the Mexican Revolution.

Classically un-cut.


Never shy away from a great entrance or exit.


“Concert for Anarchy”, 1990 Rebecca Horn

Salles des bains.

“Folds 2” 2003 Adriana Varejão

Uwe Barschel at the Hotel Beau-Rivage, Geneva, 11th of October, 1987

 “Badezimmer”, Thomas Demand


“Paper and cardboard sculptures”, Thomas Demand

“Klause V”, Thomas Demand

“After Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison”, the Preface 1999-2001, Jeff Wall

“My Boston”, Zhang Huan.


“Sunny”, Pierre Frey

Terry Haggerty


“Sleep II”, Louise Bourgeois.

“House of Bread”, Urs Fischer, 2004

Color accents: rouge!

Dodie Rosenkrans Venitian apartment decorated by Tony Duquette

“Untitled”, 2010, Efi Spyrou

“Bed and breakfast”, James Gobel 2000

“Idyle”, Lelievre

Arturo Herrera

Arturo Herrera


“Vertical Earth Kilometer”, Walter de Maria 1977

“Braided Rug” – human hair in one continuous, 644-feet braid, Frances Bagley

 ‘Untitled 2001’, Erick Swenson

“Magic carpet”, Pierre Frey

Jamie Isenstein

“Tullu” rug


Tara Donovan


“Vespa” 2001 Mark Handforth

“Train, Mechanical”, 2003—2009 Paul McCarthy

“Chimera” bracelet, Cartier

Lucian Freud

Wishing you all a most stimulating 2012!
Cygnus inter anates!

Per Joannesson.

‘Daniel Schook Sucking His Toe’ 1981 Peter Hujar


  1. gravis


  2. sekushy

    sweet as a fur can get

  3. ilan

    love it!!

  4. Gal Uchovsky


  5. Jon

    I really enjoyed this selection of work. KUDOs

  6. Peter

    “Sleep II” sums up Louise Bourgeois’ ouvre.

  7. Peter

    “Sleep II” sums up Louise Bourgeois’ oeuvre.

  8. JMorey

    Maravilloso Blog!!!

  9. Davide

    Well done!

  10. bruce

    If only this sort of interior design was available as a magazine. Well done.

  11. bolly

    Lekkere plaatjes erbij!!

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