Dear fruits:
The contemporary man knows he is, when he is . . . . shopping!
Revel in an exquisite ‘BIAGW’ selection of the most superlative goods around today!
Can’t make up your mind?

“Crede quod habes prada, et habes prada!”

Memetically yours,
Per Joannesson.

Facial oil of the week: Rodin’s “Olio lusso”

Pet of the week: Two-headed turtle

Treehouse of the week: The “Too high tea house” by Terunobu Fujimori

Butt-cufflink of the week: Defina Delettrez,

Parfum of the week: Tom Ford’s Oud Wood.

Author of the week: Dame Barbara Cartland

Album of the week: Nina Hagen Band

Book of the week: “Serious Pleasures”, Philip Hoare

Collection of the week: Prada Fall/Winter 2012.

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