The house of horny nerds is a home to creative ideas, art inspirations and arousing aesthetics.

In an era of constant information flow and commercial dominance, it becomes harder and harder for aspiring talents who think out of the box to gain recognition while the blog universe floods itself with reposts and retweets of the same projects over and over again. Grateful Grapefruit strives to curate impressive art projects, innovative creative technologies, and striking photography projects that surprise and stimulate.

On the other hand, Grateful Grapefruit embraces male beauty and questions masculinity in connection to queer culture as well as queer-oriented online and printed matter. We are lucky to connect work and pleasure, so to say.

Beyond that,  Grateful Grapefruit presents life-saving advices in Blown In a Gentle Wind – a perhaps better style guide; hand-picked leisure choices in OFFLINE as well as interviews and behind the curtain peeks into our favorite blogs and magazines in Printed/Online Matter – a series of standard – and fill-in interviews.

We have anyone else but you, our friends, to thank to for the support and feedback! We wouldn’t be standing where we are now if it wasn’t for your word-of-mouth, your tweets and your likes.

This is Grateful Grapefruit for horny nerds.



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