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Overpass To Nowhere

Marcus Knupp  takes us on a journey to a place we’ve always dreaded to go and thankfully, haven’t  reached yet. To quote Samantha in HER: “The past is just a story we tell ourselves.” Here is Marcus’ version.  My mother and I had pulled off of highway 85 a good 4 hours outside of Atlanta, Georgia; she was driving me to …

MarcusOverpass To Nowhere
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Book Club: BEARDS – An Unshaved History

  There hasn’t been another quite polarizing all-encompassing topic in (gay) men’s history as The Beard. A token of simultaneously maturity, religious belief and sometimes sloppiness – facial hair has always been carrying symbolic value based on its form, length, thickness and color. Spanning from a lazy 3-day-stubble to a monk-length beard and from precisely contoured piece of barber art …

ChristoBook Club: BEARDS – An Unshaved History
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Matthias and Donovan Vriens-McGrath‘s outspoken nature and daring designs are synthesized in their Out Russian Olympics design for BL33N. Personally affected by the uncontrollably spreading bigotry and unpunished crimes against humanity happening in Russia, the creative powerhouse couple launched their rebel in the form of a T-shirt in their trademark two-face design. In Donovan’s own words, he describes his passion …

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Party Colare: Italians Do It Better

If you have been more than a month in Berlin, you know that you should leave it to the Italians to organize the craziest gatherings of homosexuals in the early hours of the day. Gianluca and Gianluigi are a queer duo from Sardinia who thought that you can never have too many Italian parties in dirty Berlin – “Coz Italians Do …

ChristoParty Colare: Italians Do It Better
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Remember Levi? Well, there is more of him coming right at you – exclusively on Grateful Grapefruit. And really guys, if you post them on Tumblr, at least credit Justin for making Levi reveal just enough to make our imagination run wild.

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Mood Boosters: Adidas Originals AW 13/14

Hello, my name is Christo Mitov and I have PWPTSD – post winter post traumatic stress disorder. The memory of this morning in May when I woke up and I saw the snow on the ground is when something died inside me. However, the summer made it quite even. Among all the hot adventures and the sizzling hot days you’ll …

ChristoMood Boosters: Adidas Originals AW 13/14
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Printed Matters #6: Hello Mr.

Everybody who has ever scheduled a coffee date with me knows that I am usually fashionably late. Once in a while, however, it happens that I am on time or even early. In this case I usually have to find something to do, otherwise I’ll just eat out of boredom. I’m a smart time killer. If you want to meet …

ChristoPrinted Matters #6: Hello Mr.