Gingers are a rare species. Their possession of a soul is a topic of debate. Their predictability is barely above zero. They’ve been chased and killed in the dystopian Our Day Will Come by Romain Gavras – excerpts of which M.I.A. used for her Born Free video. I bet there is already a major in Ginger Studies at NYU considering the recent obsession of artists and photographers with the phenomenon referred to as “fire crotch” or “carrot top”.  At Grateful Grapefruit we’ve been studying gingers for some time now – our first collection of ginger boys dates back to 2010.

British photographer Thomas Knights doesn’t hide his obsession with gingers either. In the outrightly called project RED HOT he sets the scene to create a catalogue of the best specimens of ginger males and shows what all those loser kids with chicken legs from school turned out to become. Carefully selected in Red Hot 100 Mr. Knights displays the leanest of all fresh red meats on a carefully selected contrasting cyan backdrop.

Starting tomorrow you can enjoy the prints from the book at the RED HOT 100 in Bikini Berlin and also meet the models who just touched down in Berlin according to their Instagram feed. Head over for a signed copy of the book and / or your butt.

IMG_9926ThomasWade 341B4415SethFornea IMG_9739JakeHold 6 foot wide by 4 foot High IMG_6418VernonFrancoir IMG_0230JakeShorthall 341B9853ReidWorthington 341B9090WadeHolter 341B6106Chris Medeiros 341B3614KennethBek 341B2642JamieWalker 341B0248EduardoAlabarse pubes



by Thomas Knights

Opening: Saturday, April 4, 2014, 4-8 PM

Exhibition: April 7 – May 3, 2015, Mon-Fri 10 AM-8 PM, Sat 1PM-6 PM

Bikini Berlin 

Budapester Str. 38 – 50

10787 Berlin-Schöneberg


  1. Mike

    Mmmm so hot love those gingers

  2. Hangry_Starfish

    Can’t get enough of those gorgeous pubes! If I had my way, I’d have 3 or 4 house gingers living with and working around my house at all times. Maybe I’ll put that into next year’s budget!

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