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Overpass To Nowhere

Marcus Knupp  takes us on a journey to a place we’ve always dreaded to go and thankfully, haven’t  reached yet. To quote Samantha in HER: “The past is just a story we tell ourselves.” Here is Marcus’ version.  My mother and I had pulled off of highway 85 a good 4 hours outside of Atlanta, Georgia; she was driving me to …

MarcusOverpass To Nowhere
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Book Club: BEARDS – An Unshaved History

  There hasn’t been another quite polarizing all-encompassing topic in (gay) men’s history as The Beard. A token of simultaneously maturity, religious belief and sometimes sloppiness – facial hair has always been carrying symbolic value based on its form, length, thickness and color. Spanning from a lazy 3-day-stubble to a monk-length beard and from precisely contoured piece of barber art …

ChristoBook Club: BEARDS – An Unshaved History
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Printed Matters #6: Hello Mr.

Everybody who has ever scheduled a coffee date with me knows that I am usually fashionably late. Once in a while, however, it happens that I am on time or even early. In this case I usually have to find something to do, otherwise I’ll just eat out of boredom. I’m a smart time killer. If you want to meet …

ChristoPrinted Matters #6: Hello Mr.
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THE NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR 2012: A Recollection

Another year, another art book fair. I honestly can’t believe how one subjects themselves to such an anxiety inducing event such as NYABF on an annual basis. That’s why I’m glad I gave myself two years before returning. The last time I went to the fair in 2010, I was on a date, which caused my mind to panic a …

PeterTHE NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR 2012: A Recollection
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Printed Matters #5: JIMMY

Have you met Jimmy? He’s been around for about 4 issues now and doesn’t plan on going anywhere. JIMMY is one of a few zines from LA focusing on queer culture while stroking a hairy chest. The zine’s creators Jimmy (quite egocentric to call the zine after yourself, don’t you think?) and Brent Freaney. After they reached out to me and …

ChristoPrinted Matters #5: JIMMY
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Printed Matters #4: Chicago IRL

In an era of financial insecurity and where printed media is created on a friendship base for almost no money, the future of zines is more insecure than ever. That’s why events like the Chicago Zine Fest have to receive the most attention, since they make up for a large part of the life cycle of a zine. My favorite …

ChristoPrinted Matters #4: Chicago IRL
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Printed Matters #3: BLEND

Where do you see yourself in 7 years? I bet JOFF wouldn’t have been able to answer this question correctly even taking the wildest guess possible back in 2005. I takes courage and a plethora of multiplex talents to be the editor in chief and creative director of BLEND magazine. Some say it takes a village to put an amazing …

ChristoPrinted Matters #3: BLEND