In the industrial cities, tiny little particles in suspension flutter, coming from industries, cars and sometimes even from hydroelectric power stations: it’s the DUST. Hidden, silent, omnipresent in our lives, it lands everywhere: the house, the roof, among the hair, the fingers….

DUST is a publication that will be launched on September/October 2010 and that is brought to us with the special compliments and visual pleasure of Luca Guarini’s visual art. Starting with an online format but with the idea of releasing some printed editions. It will be a fashion-art magazine, which will be out every 3 months. DUST will be accompanied by a blog, that will content information about different topics, run by some collaborators. The magazine’s target are people with no-age and no-condition. DUST is right for you if you love discovering new talents.

The first DUST issue is called SEEDS – as in the essence, semen or the source of beginning. Luigi & Luca released following video as a teaser fot DUST #0:

There is no better description of a publication, for me personally:

We feel the need of filling the gaps that the rest of magazines leave, fighting, in a certain way, against the, increasingly stronger, elitist spirit of the world of publishing. We bet on artist’s collaboration, anonymous or up and coming ones, we’d like to search new talents, as we are interested on the real quality of their works, and not only on the name of those who made them. We want artists to feel completely free to develop and give vent to their own needs by creating their works, without fear or vain censures. We will go deep into the artists world, interviewing and meeting them, in order to get a real knowledge of their works and personality. We want to make fashion became something much more closer to an artistic than to a commercial atmosphere, as we consider it a way for creation and not the opposite. That’s why we are not kind interested in, for example, the collection’s date, or the suitable time for promotion: we consider art and fashion are always contemporary.

[Images Luca Guarini]

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