Mallrat – Uninvited

I don’t know if I like Mallrat because they sound extremely bored while singing or because this track just captures how an introvert feels at a party. It’s also the best track to power walk to – you know you can imagine it “thump–step–thump–step–thump–step”… and so on. Every son often I wish I was uninvited from places or life events. Now I have at least a soundtrack to that feeling.

Klyne – Don’t Stop

“Don’t Stop” both as a track and a sentence on its own sounds so sexually loaded, sweaty and pulsating it’s hard not to move your spine vertebrae by vertebrae and swing with your ass to it’s smooth beat. Klyne, just like Mallrat are completely new music acts for me, so sorry if I am late to the party.

100 Kila – Az Sam 6

Unless you for some reason speak Bulgarian, you can’t really understand the lyrics to that track. This guy called 100 Kila (meaning 100 kilos, duh!) is rapping about – surprise! – shaking asses and rolling joints and something he refers to as stroking cats. I wouldn’t know what he is referring to. If you have an idea, feel free to discuss in the comments. Anyhow, he’s got an awesome voice, right? Also, the video is fun with this extremely kitsch Nemo Chair by Driade and all characters fucking around and throwing around middle fingers.


 Lorde – Green Light 

Jack Antonoff (Lena Dunham’s boyfriend among many other things) is certainly the direction that Lorde needed to escape the Royals fame and rhythm. Green Light sounds like the empowering, upbeat and bright swing awakening we all so desperately need after the long dark winter. Sorry for talking about winter again, I am so over it this season.

Jarina De Marco – Tigre

“’TIGRE’ is Dominican slang for ‘Fuckboi’. Need I say more? The song everybody heard and instantly loved from Broad City objectifies that lip licking, cat-calling pendejo none of us classy gals have time for. In ‘TIGRE’ Jarina calling him out and eye rolling him into another universe. It is the perfect song for a Friday boogie or the best soundtrack for pre-game drinks.

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