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Tuff Boy Fun by Donovan Vriens-McGrath

He is one of the most warm hearted people I’ve ever met. His work strikes with passion and raw honesty. Donovan was born in Texas  to a military family that originated from Boston. The early years of his life he moved around the US every few years as military families do. Settling back in Texas as a teenager Mr. Vriens-McGrath …

ChristoTuff Boy Fun by Donovan Vriens-McGrath
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Karsten Wegener: Sausage Fest

Overly doctored photography is not really my thing. However Karsten Wegener’s project that I freely chose to call Sausage Fest (and he prefers to name Sausage in Art) is quite amusing. He finds inspiration in smoked and cured deli meats to recreate classic works of art The series is created in collaboration with designer Silke Baltruschat, and food stylist Raik Holst. Check …

ChristoKarsten Wegener: Sausage Fest
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Power Putin: From Russia With Love

Behind every great man there is another great man. And you thought that he doesn’t have a soft side, a gentle touch and a certain tenderness to him? Horse whisperer, Brokeback mountain climber and a sweaty wrestler – all faces of Vladimir we haven’t seen before and would love to get to know more intimately. Maybe that explains a lot …

ChristoPower Putin: From Russia With Love
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GARÇON GARÇON – Instant Attraction

It starts off as “hipsters who can’t be bothered to hear another new synth pop track” and slowly transitions into “even hipsters can’t resist the overcoming power of music and hormones” until it ends as “it’s a free world and we are all high on love” – this is GARÇON GARÇON’s music video for their new hot single “Instant attraction”. …

ChristoGARÇON GARÇON – Instant Attraction
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Blown In A Gentle Wind: Twinkles

Reporter:  Mr Coward, have you got anything to say to “The Star”? Noel Coward:  Twinkle. memetically yours, matthias vriens mcgrath.

MatthiasBlown In A Gentle Wind: Twinkles
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  Rica is not your typical Berlin expat. It goes without saying he chose Berlin because of its free spirit and limitless possibilities. Besides taking in all the delights the city has to offer, he makes sure the young talent doesn’t get lost and unnoticed – Rica Amaral is one of the creative partners at Artconnect Berlin – a creative hub …

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Beach Essentials 2013: Face-Kini

It’s a well-known fact that Grateful Grapefruit never seized to surprise with show-stopping trends – mostly hand-picked finds by our skillful fashion editorial staff. It’s a heavy cross to bear, but also an exciting quest to embark on. True to our adventurous spirit and hardcore fashionista beliefs, here comes the latest necessity for Summer 2013 and it is NOT a perfect body. It’s rare …

ChristoBeach Essentials 2013: Face-Kini