If you have been more than a month in Berlin, you know that you should leave it to the Italians to organize the craziest gatherings of homosexuals in the early hours of the day.

Gianluca and Gianluigi are a queer duo from Sardinia who thought that you can never have too many Italian parties in dirty Berlin – “Coz Italians Do It Better” as they say with a strong gay Italian accent. It all began in Sassari, a town Sardinia,Italy where Gianluca and Gianluigi were born and raised. Both of them worked for the LGBT association “Movimento Omosessuale Sardo” (MOS), an association that works for LGBT rights, campaigns against homophobia and HIV prevention. They also became a part of “Queer Party”, organized by MOS, which included drag performance, stage dancing, presenting and hosting variety shows.

In the beginning of 2012, the boys had the revolutionary idea to move to Berlin, where Gianluca works as a make-up Artist and Gianluigi as stylist. After hanging out for a bit they couldn’t just sit around with all the extra time on their hands so they decided to drag up the party scene of Berlin even more and introduce the party kids to Party Colare. This Friday the “Papa Don’t preach” edition of the party is going to shoot loads of glitter in your face with a gig by no one else but DJ Rolex (aka Bounce Camp)

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  1. no

    italians have destroyed the berlin underground

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