It starts off as “hipsters who can’t be bothered to hear another new synth pop track” and slowly transitions into “even hipsters can’t resist the overcoming power of music and hormones” until it ends as “it’s a free world and we are all high on love” – this is GARÇON GARÇON’s music video for their new hot single “Instant attraction”.

Already months ago, I dubbed Nick and Nathan as the next big thing in hot homo pop. Their new single is different than what we’re used to hearing from them – a more sensual, mellow sound makes you slow dance and make out with everyone around – hence the video. Mixed by Jimi Frew (Mutant Recordings) and mastered by UK music legend Mike Marsh (Bjork, Hot Chip, Phoenix) ‘Instant Attraction’ is a soft electro pop track with a nod to the 80’s.

The new single is on sale today on iTunes – get it here.

Read my interview with the duo here.


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