Just like the under appreciated Lisa Kudrow show The Comeback, it took me around 10 years to come back to Grateful Grapefruit. Only two actually, but you get the gist. A lot has changed tho… Bare with me for a second, because I am about to sound like Madonna right when she discovered Instagram. You can embed Instagram now, and you can write in Emojis, it’s all about GIFs and Live Photos and all that. Last time I blogged it was all about Soundcloud (what was that again?!). Hell, there is even a TV show produced by Ben Stiller called “🍆” How cool is that?! Anyway, life is exciting! Keeping up with tradition, Grateful Grapefruit will remain a safe haven for all those who pride themselves being sophisticated, with a hint of slutty.

When your expectations are low enough, anything can look like a win. Having said that, I am really excited for this comeback! Also, I need a 5 year energy drink to get me through the winter in Berlin. He may not have been too harsh on the city this year, but it sure kicked my ass regularly. Yes, in 2017 everything is possible – even seasons can be male.

If you’re like me, holding on for dear life to any news about Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Bell or Amy Poehler getting more work and shows in the making, you’re in the right place. It is only logical that since I am watching around 20 shows a year I may as well write something about them. Don’t worry, I am also into very high brow stuff like Scandal and How To Gt Away With Murder. No spoilers, I promise.

It’s been a while since we last talked and honestly, I have a lot to share. Don’t worry tho. I know the attention span of most of you has already been exceeded so, to wrap it up, come again. And stay horny.

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  1. oz

    Haha…great to see that you are back with this. Nuthin’ but aG thing I would say. Its like our sites are the *G* Sisters somehow 😀

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