Tolia Demidov

Tolia is actually the nickname for Anatoly Demidov. He is born 1988 in Moscow where he still lives and works on his amazing web art projects. Since there is not really a lot of info on Tolia, I contacted him right before he left for St. Petersburg. Here is what we chatted about:

Tell me more about yourself than the fact that you are born 1988.

This summer I finished MPEI (Moscow Technical University) and have a degree of Magister technics and technology. Sometimes I work as a web developer and web designer.

What was the inspiration for the web art projects?

In 2008 I saw a site of Russian art group, and I wanted to do something similar.

How long did it take to finish them and when did you start working on them?

I made the first site version in 2008. Usually it takes me 1- 3 days to do one project.

What was the process of creating?

It’s always an experiment for me.

How did an idea develop?

Each web project is a compromise between technical abilities of the browser and my own ideas.

Tell me the story behind “crash”

It’s my last work. This summer I was doing a website for friend’s musical group. I haven’t finished it (sorry, Anton!) but my “crash” appeared.

Do you have enough opportunities to present your art in Moscow? Tell me about the art scene in the city?

I haven’t shown my works anywhere. My creations feel comfortable in the net. Of course, I’d like to see them off line.

What music do you listen to while working?

It depends, Now I enjoy listening to Caribou, Nujabes, Röyksopp, Assai (Russian rap musician)

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?

These people inspire me.

Name 3 of your favorite contemporary Russian artists.

It’s a difficult question. I’ll be thinking about it during my trip.

What are your plans – which cities do you want to visit, where do you want to live and how do you want to develop your art?

I think it is not the place determines consciousness but the consciousness determines being. That’s why I can’t see the reason to go somewhere else for a long time. But I like travelling. I think Asia is great.

In 3 hours you are leaving for St. Petersburg – what will you be doing there?

I’m going on business, and enjoy great museums.

Have fun with Tolia’s web art projects on his web site.

Find him also on Live Journal (yes, Russian geeks use LiveJournal!)