KiNK is a decent modest boy from Sofia. He is also one of the few DJs that will ever make it in MADE IN BG or in any other related post on Bulgarian club culture, scene or whatever not just only on GRATEFUL GRAPEFRUIT. The mixtape you find at the bottom of this post is the pure evidence for that – build on his own tracks and confidently mixing deeper and lighter sounds.

Unlike other recording artists – KiNK behind the decks is not spinning mainly his own tracks or current label`s sound, he is a skilful and versatile (NOT what you think!) dj, who played house and techno alongside Laurent Garnier and Andy Cato / Groove Armada as well as underground hip-hop, funk and downtempo alongside Olie Teeba / Herbaliser and Scratching Perverts. KiNK does live p.a. in very rare occasions but he managed to impress the audience and the headliner (Audion) at his first notable live p.a. session at the techno stage of Wilsonic festival 2007 (Slovakia).

KiNK`s studio time now is separated between production for Bulgarian pop artists and tracks for the fans of underground dance music worldwide. He is looking forward to the release dates of his 2 x 12“ debut album on Kolour recordings with remixes from Abacus, Men At The Top, his next collaboration record with Neville Watson on Rush Hour, an e.p. on Spatula City and his most popular track (never released so far) – “The Big Payback”, also known as “Gipsy” signed on Minority Music.

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