Some record labels’ execs will be jumping out of the window cuz they haven’t signed this guy yet after hearing his album.

Simon Curtis’ new album “8-Bit Heart” is not just another pop album, but a piece that will set your kinetic feelings free and that will make the digital You more real. And it’s also now available for FREE DOWNLOAD on his newly launched website –

Show Simon some real love on Twitter and let us prove the world of the majors that an album produced in a tiny basement in Virginia could become as big as something produced and over-over-over-mastered in some preposterous studio on the East Coast. Simon Curtis has reinvented indie and unsigned.

Enjoy this pure nerdy poppy glitchy electric pop piece as well as the fresh nerdy looks of Simon in the gallery below. Ah yeah, and in Beat Drop you can hear except the over-pitched opera singer, the very Lady Gaga for a second, too. Other mash-up you definitely need to hear is the one with Jay-Z – found out yourself in which track.

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