Hey Jim, how are you doing today, what are your plans for the day? 

I’m feeling happy to be back home in NYC. Traveling across the country and seeing Romney signs was a bit jarring. Im NY we’re in this sort of bubble and seeing the signs was a reminder of that. I’m spending today catching up on political shows I missed while I was away.

Then sometime during the day I saw this Romney commercial (still below.) I couldn’t stop laughing. They’re literally pulling out the crying baby card. Im surprised she’s not holding a sad puppy with a bandage.  Of course maybe I won’t be laughing so hard tonight when the results come in, but this just made me even more sure that they got nothing, and no one’s buying it.

What’s worse – not voting or voting for Romney? 

Not voting is always a waste…but that’s your choice and your right. Not wanting to participate in a broken system is a fair point. The system is bought and paid for buy campaign contributions and and lobbyist lubrication. check out www.rootstrikers.org if you agree and instead of opting out do something to change that problem…because it’s perhaps the most important systemic political problem we face and if it doesn’t get reformed we may never get true progress on things like single payer health care, warrantless detention (NDAA) crony capitalism and on and on.

Now, voting for the candidate of your choice is also your right, and i’ll defined that right. But voting for Romney is the wrong…and dangerous…choice as i’ve said often in this column. And I’ve been clear with people: If they are standing with Romney and Ryan and their policies they are literally standing against me, willing to make me a second-class citizen. And claiming ignorance or “I’m not a single issue voter” doesn’t cut it. It means you don’t respect me as an equal, so don’t expect the same from me.

What’s the plan for the evening? How do you watch the announcement of the results? Scared with half an eye open or intoxicated? 

I’m going to be live blogging/commentating as a panelist for advocate.com, the same company as the network my show is on. I’m pretty excited. I’m going go to my favorite bar, Nowhere Bar, hang with a bunch of friends then home to continue to watch the results and post comments. Remember there’s more than just the Presidential election: marriage equality is on the ballot in four states: Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington state. For the latter, Washington state, we might not know for a few days because Washington is a mail-in vote state, so counting takes a while.  I’m sure I’ll be drinking my share with a nervous feeling that maybe I’ve been wrong all along. But I have a good feeling about this. Since the Hurricane, the country seems a little less partisan. Maybe it woke people up. Romney needs that ignorant anger to win and there’s less of it this week. If I’m wrong, then I really am living in a bubble. So GO VOTE!

[nokia-maps template=”nokia.blue.place” sizes=”{‘width’: ‘auto’,’height’: ‘370’}” href=”http://places.nlp.nokia.com/places/v1/places/840dr5rs-670ede03902e499bb2b05528b0704265;context=Zmxvdy1pZD05MTZlZWFlYS1jZjMwLTRiNTYtYjMxYS0wYmJjYjY4NjAyNDdfMTM1MjE5NjA4NjYwM18wXzE3MiZyYW5rPTA” zoomLevel=”16″ tileType=”map” ]

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