Aussie multimedia artist Kit Webster likes to push back boundaries. Especially those of your senses and your perception of reality, space and time. With his installations Kit pays a kind of high-tech homage to DaVinci, Holbein, DuChamp, and many other artists dating back to the middle of the Renaissance.

Enigmatica acts as an experimental platform for the combination of light, sound and space. A series of suspended frames diminish in size down the length of the gallery acting as a canvas for the display of surface specific projected visual sequences. Within this constructed inter-dimensionality and through the development of abstract visual and sonic sequences he juxtaposes expression with conformity, whilst demonstrating the potential for new forms of digital sculpture.

Morphology tests mapping kaleidoscopic vision over a geometric sculpture.

DATAFLUX is his most popular installation so far done in collaboration with Enttec (using their DMX-USB). Unlike Ryoji Ikeda’s Data.Tron shown at this year’s Transmediale Berlin, Kit’s installation shows a much more human side of technology. It investigates the possibilities of using live software codes to render synesthetic audio and visual experiences. The installation uses a software counting mechanism to step between scenes and sequences. Projections are beamed onto a motorised mirror allowing for wider displacement which is also triggered via the same system. Size and locations for the reshaping white squares are changed on every beat, allowing for the movement streams that you can see, this relocation creates an internal message that allows the software to fluidly render these changes. It is this concept of a self automated system that Kit aims to represent with this work. He makes it also possible for the viewer to experience the mechanics and organic functions of a software program.

Links: Kit Webster, Kit Webster on Vimeo

Imagery: today and tomorrow

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