We are your new Headmasters and we are here to teach you a lesson. Lots of lessons, actually: social studies lessons, language arts lessons, phys ed lessons, science lessons and art lessons. If you’re lucky there may even be spelling and handwriting lessons. And we are not afraid to assign homework.

Sounds kinky doesn’t it? The headmasters will be a mind-blowing combination of science projects, studies, smart and sexy men (you can get that?!) who will demonstrate their witty writing skills and their nifty art projects. Quasi a print version of GRATEFUL GRAPEFRUIT. But bossier.

You wanna get educated too, don’t you bitch? Well then go and back Headmaster’s cause on kickstart.com and get the first issue. But that’s not all you get as their sponsor. Here are the different stages of matriculation:

EARLY DECISION ($20): This is sort of like pre-ordering a copy of Headmaster. But before it’s actually made, because that’s how much of a trendsetter you are. We will also send you a #2 pencil and a homework assignment. This will be more fun for you.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT ($40): This is sort of like pre-ordering a copy of the magazine, with the added advantage of a T-shirt made just for you (well, you and all the other people who contribute at least $40.) We will also send you a box of colored pencils and a homework assignment. This will be a whole lot of fun for you.

HONOR ROLL: For $75 you get the T-shirt, plus a copy of Headmaster, only this time your name will be included in the magazine in the vicinity of some glowing words of thanks and praise. We will also send you some additional reading materials and a homework assignment. This will be so much fun you can’t even imagine.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH: For $125 you get everything mentioned above, plus a limited-edition print of one of the photos in the magazine. Your homework assignment will be fun and fancy.

MAGNA CUM LAUDE: For $250, you’ll get everything mentioned above, plus the chance to advertise in the magazine. We’ll design an ad for you, and you can promote anything you want (your business, your website, your search for companionship, or your own general awesomeness. It’s up to you.) But wait, there’s more! As a graduation gift, we’ll also send you a disposable instant camera which we, your Headmasters, will have already filled up with fabulous photos.

Imagery: headmaster

Links: headmaster, headmaster mag on kickstart


  1. Andrew Roberts

    I’m so gonna back his next time i get some money!
    Loving gratefulgrapefruit, it maks my work breaks much more pleasurable.

  2. Christo Author

    Thanks man! Happy to give you some pleasure ;) Spread the word

  3. Lars Eighyner

    I’m pretty sure the link in Zine should read theY shoot homos don’t they

  4. Christo Author

    oh, right! me sloppy letter-eater – thanks Lars!

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