Alex Turvey is on a never-ending quest to save the world from bad design and black-and-whiteness. His passion for unusual forms, craving for couture and awesome directing skills turn folklore into futuristic style. Alex is not your usual artist who concentrates on only one technique or means of expression – every time he surprises with new mixes of illustration, design, painting, crafts, sewing, gluing and patching. The most powerful weapon in Mr. Turvey’s armory is undoubtedly his rich and flourishing imagination – a beast only he knows best to obtain and channel. The videos and the gallery at the bottom of the article speak volumes.

One of the latest works of the London based artist is Percival – a fashion film featuring Daisy Lowe, for the Autumn/Winter 2010/11 collection of Menswear label Percival – on This is not the first time when Alex chooses fashion over music videos. Frankenfashion is a video exclusively commissioned by Dazed & Confused and featured as part of onedotzero and Dazed’s Fashion in Film program at the BFI, Frankenfashion is being screened alongside the works of Chris Cunningham, Solve Sundsbo & Saam Farahmand. In his contribution, Turvey takes inspiration from the mythical Dr Frankenstein and combines it with Wigs and Hair by the Sensational Charlie Le Mindu, Props by MADE and clothes by Nathan Jenden, Rupert Sanderson, Hannah Marshall, Louise Goldin & Manjit Deu. Before he turned to fashion, Turvey directed a series of music videos for MSTRKRFT, Grizzly Bear and Bright Eyes. His most popular ads were made forFord, Polydor, MTV, Budweiser Dazed & Confused, Nike and recently for Seat (featuring Shakira).

Imagery: alexturvey


Alex Turvey

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