Tenderoni is a slang used to describe y boy or a girl you’re interested in but who is too you for you to get involved with. Kele Okereke obviously has one or at least had one to get inspired for the first single off his new album “The Boxer” (out 21 June 2010 right on time for my birthday) called exactly “Tenderoni”. The tune is crisp fresh and dance and pop and makes you move around more than the music of Bloc Party (sorry, but the comparison is inevitable). You can watch the video for the first single. It is not really spectacular and there is not really a lot of action in it which is a little bit disappointing, since this is the kick-start of a career as a solo artist, but still, the tune is sick.

Or you can listen to it in a loop on his soundcloud channel:

Or you can hear Kele live in E-Werk Cologne on 20 May, Weekend Club in Berlin on 22 May or during Melt! Festival on 16 July.



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