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You better remember this day. Because today we celebrate the one and only Queen Jackee. That’s right, peasants, hereby I pronounce December 16 for the Official International Queen Jackee Day. Let the celebrations begin! They will include extravagant outfits, exotic foods, black outing drinks and wild orgies – because that is how a real Queen should be celebrated. And you are all invited.

To celebrate the day I spent a day with the Twink Queen – while taking occasional shots with my new Polaroid, we talked about shoes, facial hair and dirty underwear.

I was born in Banbury, it’s unheard of and rough. I think I was the only homosexual in that town until a year after I left. I was born in 1989, the year of liberty. I have studied in two Oxford colleges, then I moved to London and did an Art and Design foundation, I was styling at the time so I decided to study it [mainly to get my rent paid by the student loan] I got accepted to the best university in England for it, Middlesex, turns out there isn’t phone service in this place, I didn’t like the course, I pleaded insanity and left. I t hen worked for LUSH cosmetics, for two years, I invented products, I did training and I got to work with some really amazing people, then I came out to Germany and was working for Lush out here, along side writing which I was doing for a long while before that. I have been very lucky to say I have travelled most places, I have lived in America and Australia, I have been to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Germany, I can’t be bothered to write the rest but you get the idea that I like to travel.

Have you always been a twink?

Well I haven’t been older in my past so I guess so yes, I guess at one point I was delving into the cross dressing world, but that was just post closet curiosity.

What makes the perfect twink?

Apart from a description of myself, a strong minded young boy who knows what he wants, blonde hair helps, The ability to get whatever you want, even if that is simply walking into a bar and getting a drink, The use of the eyes is very important.

Twinks seem to be somehow neglected in Berlin – why do you think that happens?

Because there is so much facial hair that our gorgeous blonde locks get lost in the midst of it all, and because everyone is generally in a state of narcotics that you don’t really know what you’re looking at.

How much time do you spend preparing to look as fabulous as you normally do?

Each day a minimum of an hour goes into getting ready, Hair maintenance is the most important, I don’t grow a beard but I still get facial hair so that means I have to get rid of it all, also any hair on the chest, crotch, ass crack is important too, no one wants a hairy twink. The definition of a twink is a boy ages 18-22 who is smooth. smooth being the important part of the sentence. Also hair bleaching, cutting, conditioning, eyebrow maintenance and skin care to ensure I look as youthful as possible. General basic maintenance for the lazy woman I guess.

Tell me about your tattoos – where and how did you get them?

My first tattoo was when I was 16, it’s on my ass cheek, my daddy [real one] paid for it. under the terms and conditions that i wouldn’t get facial piercings… whoops. then came my crotch tattoo for my 18th, again a present from my father, then I got the rest in London, from the most spectacular tattoo parlor called “Self Sacrifice”, then i got the russian criminal tattoo two weeks later on my chest, the whipped woman on my arm, the lipstick, then my grandmother passed away and I got two guns with the initals of my mother and my sister in the handle, then my grandfather passed away and I got a fishing rod on the back of my leg for him, in time for his funeral back in england. in the mean time in between the big ones I have tattood myself on my toes, ankle and wrist.

The silver shoes you are wearing in one of the shots look like they have a special past and an even more special future – tell me about them.

They are Marjan Pejoski from his shop Kokon To Zai in London, really really special. Famous for posh spice not being able to walk in them, even though they are easier to walk in than regular heels because of weight distribution. I adore them and I only wear them to special events, still waiting for one here in Berlin, although I did make an appearance in them at the Tranny Olympics.

What are you doing in Berlin?

I am a journalist and columnist and general party it boy, along with selling my dirty underwear and socks to some really spectacular people.

What do you hate about the city?

The xenophobia which is in great denial, but don’t get me wrong there are some spectacular things in this city and even more spectacular people, it’s just if you are from a country which is English speaking then you don’t get that much respect, not from everyone but from the people you need it from.

Since when do you blog and what made you start your blog?

I started my blog a few years ago, I was depressed very badly at the time, and instead of going to a therapist I decided to write down everything going on, the sex, the lows the highs the every day random thoughts.

What is your day job?

My day job – I don’t have one. I am currently looking for a “day job” but at the moment I am putting my efforts into my new business which is an online shop for high class clients to buy underwear and socks from people like myself, hand picked by myself and trained by myself.

You have been an escort too – tell me about the creepiest client you’ve ever had.

I try not to talk about clients really, even and especially the ones I have now, I wouldn’t want them talking about me so I wont about them, And also I wasn’t just your standard £100 fuck, I was a high class escort, I worked all the good ones, the rich men and the good looking ones, it helps that i’m into older men, a lot. I can tell you a bit about the creepiest one, he wasn’t creepy just really ugly, he paid me £1500 to give him a hand job, the whole time I was wretching a little bit but that was because I was doing it on a red pleather wipe clean sofa, the fabric made me want to vomit more than he did, It was initially meant to be £500 for the hand job, he gave me £500 more when I met him and then another £500 after. I never saw him again.

What is is my love child, It’s still in the making and in the process, I will start selling male and female underwear to my clients who I have already, I run a very professional and high class service and I expect the same from the boys and girls I choose to work for me. From there I want to branch off into supplying for other fetishes, in the very personal and professional manner I do, Also I want to branch off into dominatrix services. But these are all in the pipeline and all very exciting opportunities! I want to add that it’s not just twinks, but cubs, bears, twinks, girls, sluts, prudes, geeks, everyone who likes the fetish can also sell for the fetish.

What is the recipe for perfectly smelling socks and underwear?

A great magician never reveals his tricks, I have my ways to ensure the clients get exactly what they want, I have a policy that if it’s not what they want then they can give it back and I will make it perfect, but that hasn’t happened yet. When you start working in this fetish crowd you start to understand what they like and what they want and you can give it to them precisely, it’s a nice feeling, it feels like you are creating a piece of art work which you know someone will love. But my personal recipe which is proving to be quite the tasty dish, is a secret which only me and my lovely employees know.


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