1. douglas

    I love your sexy good looks and your beautiful hairy body, would love to see more.

  2. david

    unbelievable hot!!!!!

  3. Just me

    i think it’s amazing I love hairy guys

  4. ken794

    oh Fuck… you have got to be the sexiest man alive..

  5. David

    What a perfect combination of build & fur! His fur accentuates his build, especially his pecs. :-P

  6. kev

    love hairy guys…and adrian lourie’s pic too!

  7. joe

    YES PLEASE. I love him!

  8. james

    Very hot, sexy and hairy body! Not to mention you are a real turn on!!

  9. Michael

    I think thst this man is awesomely handsome. And I would love to have Adrian’s job

  10. Marius

    He make make me rather horney expecily in his white shorts…

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