You’re never alone in Berlin. Some can say the city is your date, but actually the city is full of so many dates that most times you get confused or simply overbooked. Tall, short, ripped or bearish; blond, dark or ginger; Mediterranean, American or Eastern European – because everyone is so convinced that Berlin is the new place to be, you always have the choice. It feels like a tidal wave of cocks hits Berlin every day.

When you are single and live in Berlin, there is no end to the ways you can fill your day in case you’re not working from 9 to 5 (like most of the people here). Museums, parks, galleries, 5 perfect “third wave” coffee places and infinite number of restaurants. But one of the most amazing things about living in a city like Berlin, is that time of year, when being single is the last thing you worry about.

Spring. The season of awakening, hormones and inexhaustible possibilities to meet someone – be it your best friend or a cute stranger. Spring is not just the season my hay fever reminds of its existence, but also the season of conferences, workshops and such – events attracting visitors from all over the world. So many tourists, I can take only one at a time.

It all starts with Easter. The week is marked with different bear and fetish events, however none of them is really my cup of party. Sometimes I think I went to the wrong city. Go to Berlin and have the party of your life! Contrary to the custom, I can count the parties I’ve attended on my fingers. Of course networking invitations for Fashion Week and other store and magazine launches, etc. count rather as work than pleasure. In the middle of this spring sextravaganza is Berlin Web Week. It’s that one week when the city is filthy with cute nerdy boys looking for fun.

Unfortunately this past week my schedule wasn’t really devoted to the foreign horny nerds, so I was only looking at the menu on my phone a.k.a. I was checking out the guys on SCRUFF. Maybe come weekend I will have the chance to entertain some of those visitors. At the end of the day, I love Berlin and think it’s part of my commitment, to give tourists the best time possible.

Eventually, that’s why so many people have come and stayed in Berlin. Just like my friend Nathaniel, who flew in Tegel on a research grand and enjoyed his hookup with a former Mr. Gay Germany so much that he did everything possible to win one more year of scholarship. Now, I am not a big body fanatic, but for Nathanael, the perfect guy must also have the perfect body. That’s why he works out almost every day of the week and keeps trying to inspire me to do the same. “He had the most perfect body I have ever seen in my life” – was Nathaniel’s description of the night over coffee at KAFFEEMITTE. And yet, I am still asking myself, if body image was so important, why am I not having any problem finding a hookup? Are my standards so low or do I make up in wit what I lack in appearance? At least that’s what I like to think. Nonetheless, Nathaniel was bottoming for Mr. Gay Germany and nobody could top that.

Meanwhile, I was getting over an ugly breakup with a guy whom I desperately tried to fall in love with, but failed. Let me break this relationship down for you: pure passion and a couple of butterflies in the beginning, bad sex in the middle and numerous impatient attempts on his side to top me, followed by me ignoring him and ending it one day after Valentine’s day. Two days later I heard he fucked a guy at a sex party at KITKATCLUB on the day before I arrived back from holidays in Bulgaria. His “most reasonable” explanation for his actions appeared to be: “My relationship and my sexual life are two separate things to me.” That’s when I realized that I have been looking or asking for the wrong thing all along. I was so focused on finding a relationship, that love and caring and respect somehow slipped off my priority list. And still, I couldn’t help but wonder, if it was my wish and lust for relationship that attracted this guy, does it mean that I will be able to have relationships only with some freaks? I hope not.

However, this was before spring. Before the hormones, before the sweat and before the long nights, the warm air and humid stickiness. Time will tell, if I will enjoy those with anyone or a special someone. That was an unfortunate choice of words.

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  1. Jürgen

    so true…

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