FUR_10: Levi

Justin messaged me yesterday on GChat, letting me know that he’s shooting a bearded guy. Knowing me too well, he surely got my attention. I said I want the images asap and here it is – a first look at Justin Violini’s shoot with Levi visiting from Oklahoma.

Grateful Grapefruit has the exclusive on the first images from the shoot that took place on a sweaty New York afternoon.

ChristoFUR_10: Levi


  1. Douglas Bradley Vejnovich

    They are all beautiful men and those beards are very handsome.

  2. G

    Very hot and it is the same man all the way through Douglas.

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  4. Derrick

    Thanks…keep finding Levi Jackson from the web…

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  6. Jürgen

    awesome pix!
    another reason to let my beard grow!

  7. Alex

    What do I think?… I think I’m gonna have a stroke.

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