On this day, 3 years ago, I met someone truly special. Here’s how it went down: 

It was Nov 4, 2009, a typically gloomy Berlin Thursday when I saw something on Twitter about a “Fall Of The Wall” celebration at the Brandenburg Gate and a free U2 concert. Neither did I have the idea that MTV was involved and that the concert is going to last for 30 minutes (which by the temperatures back then was quite a good run for an outdoor show)

I was following a Twitter user named @haikus who also followed me back. this same user was active on a rant about free U2 concert tickets and waiting in line online to grab one of them. Mainly because they were for free and it seemed like something hype to do, I went online and without any waiting got 2 tickets right before they were sold out. @haikus broke down in tears and I decided that there is nothing better to do than brag on Twitter that I got 2 tickets and won’t even bother going to the event. However, looking back to that moment right now, I totally realize I was gloating and just fishing for money offers. @haikus was the first to offer some cash for a ticket, but my inner jew wasn’t ready to settle for €40 per ticket.

A while later however, I decided that I can either get some cash and buy new shoes with it or make a super mega giga big U2 fan really happy. he may deny it now, but @haikus had light seizures typical only for female multiple orgasm when he read that I’m gonna give him the ticket and would actually even go with him (which was not the part that made him tremble, obviously)

We met on Nov 5, 2009 at the back side of Adlon hotel, went to see U2, had a blast and i even sang to a couple of songs. On the way home we were walking down Unter Den Linden when Pino (which is the nickname for Giuseppe Bonetti aka @haikus) invited me to his house warming party which was the next night at the apartment he’d bought together with his (now ex) fiancee back then.

The next evening was yet another weird evening for me as a socially awkward person. I went to the party, talked on the phone to a friend of mine, decided I would pig out on hummus and pita bread, then smoke to socialize and then sneak out pretending I am going to a super cool party nobody else but me is invited. The smoking worked, but that is an ex-lover story that’s not really worth sharing.

After those two nights which marked the beginning of an amazing, eventful and deep friendship I realized little by little that I’ve found a friend I can count on, call when I’m in trouble and who can trust me back (especially when seeking dating advice)

I want to take this opportunity to thank Biz Stone for creating Twitter; Eventim for letting me get two U2 tickets for free; Bono of U2 (although I really doubt that he has time to read blogs in Africa); MTV for organizing that concert that brought Pino and me together and last but not least I want to thank Pino for being such a good-hearted friend and supporter.

I love you, Pino.

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