“Pride is dead” is the only English we find on the website of The Beef. The zine that balances erotics, art, design and HQ text content explains its mission as follows:

“Pride is Dead is born of contradictions, from the dissidence of the cliché perception of gay pride, and how it has been deformed into a mainstream, corporate-based shadow of what it originally was . It’s an anti-activism, but the prefix “anti” referrs to the anti-hero in contemporary fiction: to accomplish the same goals in a unorthodox way. We want no parades. We want no flags. We refuse to be labeled. We don’t want to be in the media to mislead others to follow the corporate side of homosexuality, and assume that’s the only truth.

We don’t want to convince anyone, or to radically change people’s views on the matter. We want them to participate, to get involved. We are not politicians. If our activities generate a debate, good for the people who opened their minds to a different view on things. We’re looking to share our ideas, to give space to those looking for it and those who want more, through exhibitions, conferences, publications, concerts, parties and any kind of activity that Pride is Dead supports or generates.”

It kind of sounds basically like my mission with GRATEFUL GRAPEFRUIT. So maybe at the end of the day, pride is not so dead after all.

Click here to download all 3 issues of The Beef.

imagery: thebeef

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