John Webster is an OCAD graduate who can’t stop creating art with that “a bit too much” factor. Kellogg’s, Sony, EMI and Mirvish Productions are among the variety of clients he has illustrated for. Despite all the corporate majors he can keep his integrity and still play with gender issues, hair and bold sarcasm. Pretty amazing, huh?

John has a quirky eye that mixed with his penchant for pop culture and his years of painting and design give his collages a unique painterly feel. They evoke poignant and alternately fun imagery that have an instant hypnotic effect on the viewer. It’s best not to be working heavy machinery while looking at Mr. Webster’s work! Well I doubt my readers have ever touched heavy machinery anyway.

John caught my eye with his latest “famousness” series of illustrations including Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Take a look atthem and some other provocative pieces John has done over the years.

imagery/more info: The John Webster Book

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