I actually have never written anything about cooking and kitchen gear here, have I? Since I watched lately the Julie & Julia movie and got truly inspired to resurrect my cooking skills, I went on a gear hunt. There is no nerd who cooks with usual pots and pans and some sort of cutlery. So here is what is on my radar recently:

The Finger Guard

If you haven’t been in the kitchen for long time – just like me – you might be a little sloppy when cutting some veggies. Or you are so slowly cutting them that you need a whole day off to cook a dinner. The Finger Guard is a literally handy tool that protects your fingers from getting cut and not being able to type for months – protecting you by that from a social media suicide.


Nerds don’t eat regularly and when they do it’s because of the genius Asian creation of the noodle cup. But there are those tricky 3 minutes you wait for the genetically manipulated noodles to absorb the water when you have to either hold the cup and risk to burn your fingers or you have to stir. But seriously, we  have better things to do than stir noodles in a cup. Cupmen keep the lid closed while the noodles are heating up. One problem less.

The Honey Jar

“I knew you’ll take all my honey, you selfish motherf…” There are so many metaphors with honey jar and honey and honey bee and all that, but have you ever seen a real honey jar like the ones from the movies? The Honey Jar 2.0 is resembling the old design but done in new materials – silicone, glass, stainless steel. Perfect geeky kitchen gear for nerds with inexplicable nostalgia.

Kitchen Puppet

It’s asparagus season in Germany. You know the very famous white asparagus that you can eat here and only here? I heard over 50% of the world population’s pee stinks after eating asparagus, which I have never experienced. So I guess I am one of the lucky 30% whose pee doesn’t stink after the asparagus consumption (for the statistics nerds – I guess the rest 20% just have never heard or eaten of asparagus). So let’s cut to the chase – here comes a tool that allows you to grab the hot asparagus, or other stewed veggies directly with your hand and a geeky gadget on it – the Kitchen Puppet. It could be used also for stinky veggies like onion or garlic if you don’t want to stink like them for 3 days in a row.

The Mushroom Slicer

My last but not least is the nerdy mushroom slicer. It is as self-explanatory as an Apple product and twice as nerdy as them.

In the next Hungry Nerds I will present you two of my favorite tea gadgets and other slicing and fruity nerdcore kitchen gear.

imagery: toxel, kitchencontraptions


  1. jello

    aw schatzilein, you shouldn’t be writing about kitchen utensils now, you’ll have plenty to talk about when we get married and i chain you to the kitchen counter :D

  2. Christo Author

    that actually doesnt sound like a threat. :D

  3. jello

    if you marrying me And me chaining you to the kitchen doesn’t sound like a threat then i love you ahaha

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