To say Morgan Tepsic (20) is an exhibitionist is as tasteless as frozen catfish filet for €2,99. the Oklahoma-based photographer likes taking pictures of himself jumping around in different places managing to always hide his privates. His mantra says “There is nothing more freeing than getting naked and trying to fly.” And still he adds: “I feel like every time I get nude, I’m going on a new adventure.”

Most of his pictures are taken near his hometown, or somewhere in the Mid-West or in places like Colorado and Texas. At the end of this month Morgan is embarking on a journey to Europe and Asia and is asking you on his homepage to write him an email if you want him to pass by your country/city. I thought it’s a much better idea to ask him publicly (for public pressure’s sake of course) to visit Berlin and jump in front of the symbol of the German capital – the TV tower at Alexanderplatz. Let’s see if this would work.

In the meanwhile you could take a look at some of his latest jumps.




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  1. Grateful Grapefruit © » Morgan Tepsic [VIDEO]

    […] Morgan Tepsic takes a couple of minutes to chat to Grateful Grapefruit about the year of traveling and naked jumping he will embark on today; about his porn ambitions and Oklahoma (where he originally comes from). He also promised to visit Berlin coming winter. The shot you see above is the last from his home town which he shared with me for the launch of The Grateful Grapefruit video interviews. See Morgan in his room just before packing his cameras. […]

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