Do you remember Cumfaces by Stuard Sandford? Now, this is much better. It’s lacking the S on one side, but it’s a deeper and more comprehensive study of the face you make when you have an orgasm, on the other. There isn’t much I could add to the post Slutever has written as a side dish to the photo shoot Cumface. So let me just give you the highlights:

In fashion, sex sells. Duh, we know. From the just-been-fucked aesthetic of American Apparel ads, to that infamous Dolce & Gabanna campaign which was basically just glamorized images of gang rape.

If I’m honest, initially I was quite nervous about embarking on this task. For one, it’s a bit strange/scary to approach someone and ask, “Hey, can I take pictures of you jerking off until you cum?” Also, before this I had never watched someone masturbate in a non-intimate situation, which seemed like it could be vaguely awkward. However, the whole thing turned out to be really fun. The copious amounts of porn and alcohol definitely helped, but in general spirits were pretty high. It was actually weirdly unweird, if you know what I mean. Or maybe I’m just bad at gauging when a situation is uncomfortable. I’ve been told that in the past.

Anyway, after taking these photos, the conclusion I came to is this: People are beautiful when they cum. That might sound obvious, but the severity of this statement needs to be reinforced. Even the ugliest person is desirable in their moment of complete release. That moment when the body i enraptured, and it feels so good that it hurts but you want more and for a second you die a little. And whatever’s left of you when it’s over is better for it.




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  1. StreetKatze

    Well said. You are so right! more cum and the world would be a prettier place!

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