There are a lot of porn actors in Berlin. Marcel Schlutt was one of them. The 32-y-o actor based in Berlin, used to be one of the sales magnets for Cazzo Film. He then went through the bold creative factory of Bruce LaBruce in OTTO where he learned to come out of his shell… and eat raw rabbit flesh. Now he is part of a love story trilogy about the interaction between 3 couples’ love lives and has turned to a visitor magnet for international movie festivals in USA, Canada and France. In the first movie called “Alex and Leo” Marcel plays a hetero guy who falls in love with another man and finds his way to homosexuality (but don’t worry, there is more!)

I met him at St. Oberholz in the hipstery central Berlin Mitte and had a nice chat about sluts, love and Japanese movies with Nazis. Oh, and he shared the recipe at the end with you – give a shout if you’ve tried it. And sorry for the poor sound quality.

For more photos and the secret recipe:



6 egg yolks

250 g sugar

6 egg whites; pinch of salt; battered

250 g grated carrots

250 g ground almonds

1/2 pack of backing powder

30 g cocoa powder

mix everything for 5 minutes

bake for 40-50 minutes at 200°C


8 tablespoons cream

6 tablespoons sugar

3 tablespoons butter

1/2 chocolate bar

cook everything at low (!!!) flame for 5-10 min

spread on the warm cake

leave to cool… mmmmmh!



Alex and Leo movie starting August 2010

Marcel Schlutt homepage

images by Rico Mahel  and me

music by universal constructors


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  4. kev

    saw the alex and leo…loved marcel schlutt…would be in a porn with him anytime

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