Nobody knows me like you know me. Every day you come by my Grateful Grapefruit shop for an art kick or an eye candy. And most of the time, I have something great up my sleeve – or nothing at all if I am wearing a T-shirt and my personal life is overwhelming my online persona.

Nobody pleases you like I do. I give you Bruce LaBruce, Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny, Marcel Schlutt young bunnies like Nicolas Santos and Luca Guarini, beauties like Oliver Valsecchi and Lukas Beyeler and Gerry Visco. Also, amazing graphic support from Filip and Paul – thank you guys! It goes without saying that this is just the beginning.

On this day, a year ago I started a blog about art and design, which transformed slowly to what you are reading right now – a zine oriented to all boys and gals with or without plastic glasses, with or without beard who appreciate like-minded horny nerds, their art and chest hair. I know you should be the one starving off in order to get me expensive presents, but next week I have a present for you – THE NEW YORK ART LEAGE series – exclusive (as much as I hate the word, it is suitable) interviews with NYC’s finest alternative artists. Stay put for an update Monday morning.

Enough for now. I take a bow and raise a glas: Thank you for reading, commenting, liking and jerking off to those furry creatures and nerds.

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