If it wasn’t for FUR_02, you wouldn’t be really reading this.

Stefano is 24 even if he feels older. He grew up in Iglesias, a small town in Sardinia, used to live in Northern Spain and is based now in Cagliari, Sardinia. He is single and wants to go on like this for a while connecting with new people as much as he can – or in other words, he’d like to fuck around for a while before he settles again. Stefano is a law student, a hard core video gamer, a LGBT rights activist and a happy DJ in his spare time: “mainly I love to find great tunes on teh intertubes!” When I asked him if he had some nasty childhood memories he can share with me, he just answered: ”…well, i don’t have clear memories, i remember only a very hot summer and my brother on a bed” That’s enough reasons to talk to him about queer politics, fur and pheromones. I have also a fine selection of furry images in the gallery. Check them out at the end of the post.

Tell me about your LGBT activist side.

ARC is a cultural association, created 8 years ago in Cagliari: the capital of Sardinia. ARC’s main project is to spread queer culture so we organize at least one big yearly Cineforum (cinema week with a discussion round at the end) called “Uno Sguardo Normale” – A Normal Glance. Also, we sell books, promote emerging authors, especially local authors. We also have collateral movie weeks. This year for example it was about Vatican and Queer people with themed movies and documentaries. We also organized, as a totipotential-self-generated organization machine, the Cagliari Gay Pride. It’s not really a gay pride tho, it is more for the anti-homophobia day, which is kinda difficult to organize there, since the gay scene isn’t so alive and people are still scared despite Sardinia being really gay. My tasks are transversal – I am the translator, I put subs to movies; lately I translated a HIV prevention pamphlet, originally created by Spanish LGBT association XEGA – Xente Gai Asturies. and i’m the official DJ. Watch a video of the pride on YouTube.

When did you realize you like fur?

I always liked guys, obviously had a moment in which i felt a bit confused, but it lasted like 5 minutes, then i thought “ok, i like men and i like ’em furry” In Italy, especially in Sardinia, guys are pretty hairy and small so it’s common to see lots of body hair exposed, but I think I started to worship manly fur by reading greek myths and watching greek arts… those curly beards, those hairy satyrs, those bushy pubes are still really really arousing for me.

Which is the most sexually arousing type of fur for you?

I really like blonde and ginger fur, especially if colours are mixed with brown. I love to stroke a furry chest and a furry butt and extra hairy thighs are a big plus too. I also like back-hair, I think it’s because it’s really manly: all that testosterone running in blood system is wonderful.

What other fetishes do you have?

I love to treasure furry guys’ pheromones in my lungs. I dig pits and fuzzy thight calves. I sense something powerful in calves and they provide a good grip while you’re on your knees. I also like hairy chests, it’s a pleasure to bury my face into a pillow of hair when i sleep. Maybe I really like the most man-scented parts of a guy.

Tell me a sexual fantasy you still haven’t fulfilled. And who you wanna fulfill it with.

Maybe have sex with a gamer werewolf. I’m still available, so gamer werewolves you are welcome!!! I’m a puppy looking for a furry shelter.


all images are personal archive and copyright by Stefano Kerberos


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