If someone told you there is a summer hole where nothing really happens and no news get published, tell them to shove their boredom and lack of motivation you-know-where. There is some fresh breeze on the queer press front and for once this freshness is not just a cheesy metaphor.

Client is a truly unconventional (we’ll se about that!) magazine about lads, men and menswear. Printed quarterly in black and white, they use recycled paper with a grainy old scrapbook feeling. The publication explores both youth and masculinity with a focus on fashion and grooming without necessarily having this shiny lifestyle mag look. They bring some sexyback, too.

Every editorial will be shot by some of the world’s hottest fashion photographers of all ages – emerging and established, all hand-clicked.

If you are lucky like me and live in Amsterdam – Antwerp – Berlin – London – Milan – New York – Paris or Vienna then you won’t have any problems finding Client #1 on the news stands starting August 20th. Everyone else can go to www.otheredition.com and print copies also available online for £9.99 + shipment.




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  1. Peter Anderson

    I love the fresh perspective to things that really matter in my world. So very glad to have happened onto it, and look forward to more content of this kind, presented in this format. Thank you, GG!

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