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If you ask Gerry what she’s doing, you better get ready for a pretty long answer. A writer, performer, photographer, fashionista, and radio show host on WKCR FM, she regularly covers parties, art events, and the arts for New York Press in a weekly column and has also published stories and photographs in The Village Voice, Try State Magazine, Gawker, the New York Sun, New York Magazine, New York Blade, $pread Magazine, and other publications in print and online. She’s shown her photographs at Gallery U in Montclair, New Jersey, Envoy Gallery, and Artflux. She’s performed and done readings at the Inner Beauty Parlor curated by Joseph Keckler at Envoy Gallery, the Sex Worker Literati Series at Happy Ending. And yet the most important thing she has ever done in her life is moving to New York City 1974 and never leaving it. She has been following the art and night scene’s development since and she is my most valuable source for this feature. In other words: if you are an artist in New York and Gerry hasn’t heard of you, you better pack your bags.

What’s happening in New York?

What’s happening in New York?  Well a lot is happening. NYC is a city where everyone is extremely busy, so much so that it’s hard to find a network of people to just hang out with, although I do have lots of friends. But usually I see them sporadically and it’s hard to assemble them all in one place at one time because they’re all crazy busy too.  If I’m performing in a show, chances are good my friends are performing in a different show the same night and so we can’t see each other. Things are expensive but it’s exciting living here, and there is lots to do. Luckily, not all events cost money, and because I cover nightlife for New York Press every week, I never pay admittance for anything.  But rents, food, and transportation can be quite pricey. People tend to work long hours to pay for everything and usually everyone has so much going on that it’s hard to relax. New York is a huge city and it’s easy to escape here, but there are smaller enclaves and social circles where you get to know everyone. For example, hanging out in the gay scene in Manhattan, you see a lot of the same people all the time. That’s true in numerous groups and social sets. I’m having more fun than ever in New York City these days and doing all kinds of interesting stuff, but as a result, I sleep very little and have very little free time, which is extremely frustrating. For me, spending the weekend at home where I can do some work is a luxury since during the week, I’m out most nights or working on a deadline.

The latest video she got featured in is the video against LGBT bullying called “That was me”


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