You know this feeling – you receive a friend request on Facebook by a beautiful stranger whom you have a couple of mutual friends with (some of them you have slept with and some of them you want to). Exactly this is how I met Christos Karpalos (26). I don’t really remember who was first to send a friend request, but what counts in this case are his photos that are alos the real reason to present Christos on Grateful Grapefruit.

Christos Karpalos is a photographer from Athens, Greece who hopefully will move soon to Berlin since this is the only city that makes him happy (and satisfies most of his pleasures). In his spare time he’s visiting abandoned houses when he’s not busy studying interior design or blogging his images on tumblr.

How did you start with photography?

I started when I was 15. I was taking self-portraits with cheap cameras. Amazing time for me!

Who or what is your inspiration for your photos?

I love to take pictures of my family (especially of my mother) and my friends. My inspiration comes mostly from being alone in my room at night listening to current 93, coil, baby dee. I can take inspiration from everyday life.

Do you plan your work or is it more spontaneous?

No, it is usually spontaneous. I prefer to photograph things that happen at that time. I do not like going into a studio posing as photographer. This is not me.

Who is the man you are kissing on one of the pictures?

George is one of my best friends. He is totally crazy. One day I will marry him.

How is the gay life and the queer scene in Athens?

Gay life and queer scene  in Athens is boring. If you want to have sex you should have exactly what you want the other guy. Can meet sexy boys, but not many for example : in Berlin you can make sex ”now”.

Have you done a show and if not how do you imagine it to be?

I had my first group exhibition in 2009 in Athens. I hope soon I can make a new exhibition.

3 favorite contemporary Greek artists?

Lucas Samaras, Dimitris Papaioannou, Kirios Kriton

Who do you want to collaborate with?

There are many artists who would like to collaborate with. One of them is Wolfgang Tillmas – he is one of the most important photographers in the world.

What music do you listen to while you’re working? And what are you eating?

I listen dark industrial experimental electro, sometimes I listen church sound. I can eat everything all the time (hahaha). Especially sushi and pasta. Soon I will be fat.

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