I make something awful every day. Yesterday, for example, I went to a movie called A Series Of Thoughts by Heinz Emigholz. Probably I am making a fool of myself right now, but in the packed cinema Sean and me were the only one who’d rather check their facebook than listen to a man tell the story and describe every single feature and small detail of paintings and photographs and call this a collection of shorts. Anyhow, the focus now is on Topher (which is by the way the short for Christopher – cool, eh?).

Topher McCulloch was born and raised in Brookings, South Dakota. In college he double-majored in graphic design and studio art at the University of Minnesota Duluth. His sophomore year he studied abroad in Birmingham, England. Topher graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, double-majoring in graphic design and studio art.

He was the in-house designer for the Tweed Museum of Art from 2006–2008. He now lives in Chicago and works for the Bond Group when not making something awful every day. It has been a bit over a year since #msaed started and in the video below you can see an overview of what happened on the site. If anyone out there is great with a synthesizer and would like to compose an original score, Topher would love you forever. Think about it.

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    […] In an era of financial insecurity and where printed media is created on a friendship base for almost no money, the future of zines is more insecure than ever. That’s why events like the Chicago Zine Fest have to receive the most attention, since they make up for a large part of the life cycle of a zine. My favorite zine from the windy city with the best comedians in the US – Chicago IRL. It was long time ago, the zine wasn’t even out yet, when I came across Topher – one of the creators of the zine – and his amazing project Make Something Awful Every Day […]

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