Mark has one of the most amazing beards and moustaches I’ve seen. I asked him how he’s taking care of it, but this you can read yourself in the interview below. He is 33, studied at LSU, born in Lutcher, Louisiana. Mr. Louque is also a DJ and much more based in P-Town, Massachusetts. We sat and had a chat about parties, sex and beards – in other words, about Berlin. After which we produced the photo shoot together with Sean Johnson. You can see the instant boner results in the gallery at the end of this post.

What are you doing right now?

Right now I’m recovering from a long weekend of music men and mayham.  I’m living for this city.

What are you doing in Berlin? Where do you go?

I’m here in Berlin to DJ and to let myself be inspired by it’s night life.  I think that I’ve started this DJing thing solely as an excuse to be in Berlin. When I’m here I do the typical things like the museums, go to Berghain, and eat my weight in Döner Kebaps.  But I think my favorite place to go is to drink beer at Grosse Freiheit.  This neighborhood haunt in Freidrischain is the only gay bar in Berlin where the juke box plays death metal AND Laura Branigan.  Sitting under cheap disco lights, which in the U.S. can be purchased at RadioShack, you discover a room full of local german men here instead of the typical American/European sex tourists.  Near the coat check you begin to hear the voice of Kate Capshaw which is confusing until you find the ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ pinball machine tucked behind a wall at the entrance to the dark area. This makes me very happy.

What is CHERYL?

CHERYL is a group of 4 twenty-something artists from Brooklyn who throw a rad party.  I was lucky enough to join them here in Berlin and Barcelona for their European Tour.

What music do you play at CHERYL?

When I DJ for CHERYL I totally compromise my artistic integrity by playing more accessible electro-y party music, where typically I would play very moody/dark house and disco. But it’s good for me to dig into my music collection and experience other genres.    I do the same thing with my radio show/podcast called “The Crave Club” where I play everything from country to techno.

Is this the only party you organize?

Beyond all that I have two parties in the states that I can call my own:  FAG BASH and XOO.  FAG BASH is a party I do during the summers in a very faggity place called Provincetown (where I live year round).  Here the kids get dressed in trashy outfits and go down to the basement of a str8 bar (where actual ‘fag bashings’ have occurred) where they are greeted by Mama Lee Curtis, covered in laser lights and dance to a mix of nu disco, new wave, classic house, and other sounds that evokes and celebrates gay dance history.  However this party is totally mixed.  We’ve created an environment there that includes everyone.  The problem with nightlife in the U.S. is that every party every club has such a specific audience.  Homogenization leads to boredom.  I am retaliating.

XOO happens monthly in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Same basic ideas as F.B. but here the music is much darker and synthy for the post-apocalyptic eastern Brooklyn kids.

Explain in great detail how you take care of your beard.

For my beard I use the greatest trimming tool ever invented called “The Peanut” by WAHL.  But NOT the wireless version!!  My beard, the peanut, and I have a very close relationship.  We’re always together and we take very good care of each other.  I use a Tazmanian beard gloss to keep my facial hair tame and moist and if I have a long mustache I’ll use a wax to curl it.  I touch my beard and have my beard touched by others to keep it stimulated and satisfied.

Has it come to your attention that there is a cult called

I love mindless cults.  In lieu of joining mine please watch the double episode of Strangers with Candy season 2 on the aforementioned topic.

How did you feel during the photo shoot?

I felt fine during the shoot.  Sweaty… yes well I’m always sweaty however covered in sheep skin rugs would make anyone sweaty.  Not because I was hot but because you took them off your dirty ass floor and put them on my back.  I was lucky to not develop a rash from all the filth.

You loved it. Is there any border you would never cross in a photo shoot?

No. Except the Canadian border which I am not allowed to cross for one year after attempting to DJ there without a work permit.  Otherwise I have no borders as long as the nudes are done tastefully.

What music do you play while having sex?

Music is for dancing not sex.  I obsess so much about music that I wouldn’t pay attention to the guy/girl that I’m with.

When was the last time you were with a girl and how was it?

A real girl???  I made out with Amber this summer.  The weird part was not that she’s a girl but that she was trying to make some guy jealous so she got flirty and licky.  And even weirder is that we don’t really like each other.  And even weirder still is that I liked it a lot and I think about it all the time.

What are your fetishes?

Do fetishes still exist? I love it all except the gross stuff. It’s always nice to explore someones personality thru fetish however a queen in leather is still a fagget.



  1. Doug

    Love it. Mark Louque is like an evergreen Fur.

  2. Patricia

    I think Mark Anthony is a remarkable man and I enjoyed reading about him. Praying tha he makes it big in his DJ world and that he finds love in all the right places….M. B.

  3. Nick

    Mark is a wet dream made reality

  4. David

    Love his furry torso & beard! :-P

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