I don’t really know how I feel about Lady Gaga’s new video. It’s done by the amazing Nick Knight, who shot Björk’s Pagan Poetry.

Gaga’s video is a mish mash of references and recycled ideas from Superman, through the body modification artist Orlan, Goldfrapp, the Bible as well as the usual suspects – Madonna and Michael Jackson. Oh, she looks like Rick Genest at some point. And so far I haven’t really found any product placements in it, too.

I think the best are the birth scenes in the beginning. Pure art.

What do you think a bout it?


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  1. Grateful Grapefruit © » Bart Hess

    […] Bart is also well known because of his collaboration with artis Lucy McRae and the collection he worked on with Walter van Beirendonck. After the video you can read some of his explanations on his art – excerpts from the interview he gave for We Make Money, Not Art in 2008. He also did the infamous Slime Art scene from the Born This Way video for Lady Gaga. […]

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