KITA is usually an abbreviation for kindergarden in German, but this KITA is more about the kids, their art and less about the synthesizing of words. DADATEK, a creative initiative for the curation of bizarre art parties, present KITA – aka Kunst für Irrationale Tugend und Ablichtung – in other words, the art of play! 

After delighting audiences with a celebration of yellowism in last month’s YOLK!, the DADATEK crew returns with another playful avant-extravaganza.

Twelve internationally-renowned artists present site-specific and specially-commissioned pieces for this occasion, all focused around notions of PLAY, experiment, the naive and visionary. From sculpture and installation to collage, video and bizarre sound art, we are taking over the 200 square metre space of Panke and transforming it into a huge playground.

Yuki Itoda’s world is one of bright colours, lines, shapes, faces and bodies, he is a sort of pop expressionist. Elisa Arroyo re-works materials and creates beautifully crafted maps of imaginary places and cut-outs of imaginary figures. American artist Lorena Monsalve aka cyberpuppet will construct one of her amazing puppet robots especially for the event! Sally Underwood sets-up interventions and constructs active objects. She will install a site-specific piece for the occasion. Paris/Berlin-based artist Olivier Guessele-Garai will present a site-specific installation titled ‘Playground’: an interactive mix of painting, sculpture, installation. DJ Brezel Göring is definitely the culmination of the evening – the DJ from Stereo Total will give a special solo live set at Panke this Saturday. Resident DJs Timo, Filtig and Sascha will be playing new wave, italo, japanese pop and avant-garde sounds of the 80’s.

Dress in bright, bold colours, think Lego and Playmobil and as you all wonderfully did last time, come early, we start at 21:00! You’ll get in for 5 euros.

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