Christopher Winter like to live out his sexual fantasies onthe canvas. Ora maybe in real life too. He is curating the Peep Show edition of Tape Modern this Friday in Berlin. And showing a piece of his art, too. Here is what we talked, 2 days before the art show.

Where do you get inspiration from for your art?

From books, movies, sometimes just an image in the  newspaper or on the internet can trigger something. The work I’m showing at Tape has alot to do with sex.

What do you do in Berlin?

I’m an artist and curator and I perform seances.

What piece are you showing at Tape Modern this Friday?

I’m showing the “Book of Birds” .

Why exactly this piece?

It is a 3 m long pencil drawing which is very detailed. It took over a month to complete and is very sexual and poetic . This is the first time I’ve exhibited it. There are flowers, birds and men having sex. It works with the theme of the show.

As a curator, how did you decide which artists to include in this edition of Tape Modern?

The title of the show is PEEP SHOW and it showcases works by artists that engage with erotic or voyeuristic themes. These artworks manifest themselves in many different media and reflect the extreme visual environment we now live in. Some of the pieces i have chosen work purely on a sensual level and others are very visually direct in their sexual content. There are thousands of sexual images only a mouse “click“ away on the internet. This visual source allows us to anonymously  enter into worlds without physically participating in them. In a very similar way the  “Peep Show“ boxes in forner times played a comparable role. We tend to associate these sidewalk shows with something naughty or forbidden, triggering a playful response which is reflected in the artworks at Tape.


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