Working on my WOODKID interview for the next issue of HONK! mag, I heard of THE SHOES. The moment I heard their new record, Crack My Bones (2011), I facepalmed myself and started wondering which friend of mine has kept this band hidden from me.

The French dynamic duo have been calling on all the friends they’ve met on their travels over the last few years to help them realize their musical dreams. “It’s some guest list..and is testament to the contagious enthusiasm and er….’joie de vivre'” that Guillaume and Ben always bring to their dj sets, remixes, live shows and late nights that this stella crew jumped at the chance to feature on the debut album.

Rumor has it that Yoann Lemoine, aka WOODKID is finishing the works on their new video.

Recently, THE SHOES managed to squeeze a quick trip to Japan in where they ate sushi, shopped relentlessly and even found the time to dj at the Womb in Tokyo and Osaka. Japanese friends The 80 Kidz were in Tokyo and begged The Shoes for a remix of their new single – Ben also added vocals to a track on their last album.

Images by Gavin Watson and Sylvere H

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