It only took two years for “Make a Scene” to come out, but an album underlined with a multitude of dance singles, Sophie Ellis-Bextor has proven to put out a beat driven album that is not to pass up.  A great compilation to a Summer 2011 album set, this former British model and now mother of two, still proves that she’s here to stay.

“Make a Scene” has been a little hidden with its promotions and releases, but somehow Russia seems to love this gal.  I am still amazed at how well she does there, and was upset to see she was doing a tour back in 2010 and 2011, only hitting up Russia and the United Kingdom.  She toured with the Pet Shop Boys and now with Erasure.  There has been no release date of the album set for the U.S.A. at the moment, but if you are a hardcore fan, you can find it at online shops!

The album starts off with her singles “Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)”, “Bittersweet”, “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, and “Not Giving Up On Love”.  Any club kid or dance savvy homo will know these songs, and remember how great they were when they were released over the past two years.  “Starlight” is the next single to be released, and I’m anticipating what the music video will look like.  Probably one of my favorite tracks on the album, it truly encapsulates what is Sophie, with the vocals, beats, and chorus.

Though slightly campy and romantic, Sophie proved some amazing styles in “Not Giving Up On Love”, channeling some vintage looks and flowing demeanor on her amazing yacht and by the pool.  This single was my anthem last summer, especially those times at the beach with my “posse”.  Sophie has proven that she’s still here to stay, and she has a voice to be heard.  I keep recommending this to anyone who wants an album with some great dance beats, something feel good, and even emotional.  To learn more about Sophie, tour dates, album info, and more, please visit


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