Two years ago Adam Boehmer (Seattle, WA) decided to leave Michigan with his partner to forge a journey around the United States.  Their initial purpose was to see what was out there and challenge their young lives, bringing back the experience of traveling to Michigan.  Before their departure Adam began writing and playing music.  He wrote “Go On & Go” to help motivate his partner to get ready for their trip, pushing him to take this adventure, noting the need to take challenges in life, to help get out of repetition of the mundane, and also open up ones passions and desires, never settling for something that is just “good”.

With a background in Creative Writing, poetry was Adam’s initial process into music.  Writing about personal experiences, documenting his own biography has helped create a storytelling and atmospheric sound to his songs.  The band’s name, Tenderfoot, is an old American term for a fresh pioneer moving to the frontier, not really sure what to expect, stepping into unknown territory.  Taking these themes, Adam feels that his work and his personality resonate within it, speaking of fresh emotions through new experiences, working amidst the hardships of life.

“Red Coat” is both the name of the EP and lead track on his first album, laying out the journey that was taken.   The song speaks about how he has left his coat behind in Michigan at his partner’s house, knowing that he cannot return to get it.  The song speaks about heartbreak and reveals to us that this journey does not have the happy ending that we might have anticipated for someone taking such a challenge.   Speaking to Adam, I learn that the expedition did in fact end early, leaving him in San Francisco and sending his partner back to Michigan.  San Francisco became his home, with a new voice in recording music.  He now played songs that were about a different path and new emotions, apologizing for his relationship ending, knowing that his partner may never hear it, but opening up to everyone around him about it.

San Francisco was only a home to Adam for a short time, realizing that his past actions and history of this city wasn’t for him, so his journey went north to Seattle, where he felt more at home with himself, nature, and his music.  Seattle became a new settlement where Adam began to experiment with more sounds that have atmospheric and space for audience to hear and experience the sounds emotionally.

“After the Ice Age” shows these new developments in his sound, playing off of instincts, and actions that “feel right”, loosing any form of structure, and allowing him to play in the moment.  Playing live has created a new space for Adam, allowing him to share his story, adventures, and heartache with an audience.  Initially nervous about how crowds would respond, Adam was greeted with positive responses to his lyrics and understanding of his story.  Indeed he has reached a new point in his music writing, taking all that Red Coat is and was, and moving on with new perspective on life.

Red Coat was recorded and mixed at BLDGs in Seattle with the help of Marcie McCabe (Vocals), Aaron Schroeder (Drums, Xylophone, Organ, Melodica, Percussion) and Matthew Winter (Trumpet, Percussion).  Currently on tour with Holly Mae and the Painted Room, Tenderfoot has his first European mini tour opening for them, joined by Sami Jo Buffington (San Francisco, CA) on keyboard and vocals.  You can hear and download the EP at the link below.  We have also had the opportunity to photograph and capture Tenderfoot live.  If in Berlin the next few days, check out Tenderfoot at the end of their tour.  Dates are below.

August 2, 2011
SIN Bar in Kreuzberg
Schonleinstr 6

August 4, 2011
Hubertus Lounge
Eisenbahnstr 6

Augusut 5, 2011
The Wedding Party
Gerichtstr 23, backyard, 2nd floor
with Fenster and Royal Chord


  1. m.germanerling

    Everyone can see this article is just an excuse to post multiple photographs of a man with a very large beard. And so what?

  2. Christo

    well thats a pretty brave assumption youre making right there. I don’t know if you got that but we produced the photos and videos so we can show you how talented Adam is, not really how hairy his chest is.

    And btw you’re gonna jerk off to both anyway.

  3. m.germanerling

    ah, so that’s why the photos show his chest so much?

    the music is lovely, btw.

  4. m.germanerling

    and: where’s your humour?

  5. Ahmed

    The amazing things one finds when looking at porn through Tumblr :-). I knew Adam back in Michigan. Our impromptu friend date that went for hours is one of my fondest memories, not just of him, but ever. Got to read some of his amazing poetry too, which I still occasionally revisit. These tracks are truly lovely and he is, indeed, look as amazing as always. Thank you so much for sharing!

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