on the brink is the second solo exhibition with the gallery by the collaborative team Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers. Tim has graduated MA of Fine Arts at New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, New York and Rebekah got her degree in Graphic Design at California College of the Arts San Francisco, California.

Continuing with their exploration of ideas of material value and the consequences of the actions we take to satisfyour desires, Berg-Myers have created a new body of works.  This current exhibition is meant to provide the viewerswith objects-situations where our choices are put to the test in how we understand the value of the things we do.

Some of the works in the exhibition have titles such as “All that glitters” and “As good as gold” which echomarketing tools employed in our contemporary culture to attract with a promise of guaranteed satisfaction ifconsumed.

Other works, such as “Against the tide “ and “Souvenirs” are examples of how the polar bear could become extinctdo to our treatment of the environment. Eventually nature will remain present in our culture in the form of manmade objects that represent what once was real. These man-made objects end up in our homes where we willvalue them without realizing that they represent the real thing.

Things fall apart, they break, fracture, both: material and metaphorical is a part of our lives. In this exhibitionfracture acts as a unifying principle, unifying themes as diverse as luck, consumption and value.Sometimes something must be broken or fractured in order for us to see its value. This may be especially true forour environment.

Tim Berg & Rebekah Myer

Timothy John Berg


Images courtesy of Dean Project NY

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