I don’t really like Christmas. having said that, I know I just lost half of your attention but let me clarify that and defend my thesis. Actually, in my defense I have one question: Is the end of the world coming?

I guess I am not the only holiday pessimist. I guess, some of the winter wonderland occupants put more effort in rejecting Christmas. Just like artist and director David Wilson, who put together Alternative Advent 2011, a unique series of 25 videos, released daily over advent 2011. Each clip is an exclusive collaboration between David Wilson and a different musical artist who have provided exclusive new and rare tracks for the project. My attention was drawn (pretty late) to the project by Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid, who previewed his album with this project.

David Wilson is a video artist based in London, most well known for his music video work. He has created promos for The Maccabees, Metronomy, Keaton Henson, Little Boots and Skream.

Watch a selection of a couple of other obscure videos below-ho-ho!

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