Bulgaria is not just a third world-country defined by its notorious corruption and high-level crime rate. It is also a source of raw talent and true inspiration. And this project is here to prove that.

Let me introduce you to under-the-line.tv – an independent platform for video and short films. It’s a project of a friend of mine, Vasil Germanov (Think Tank Lab), which involves Georga Yanakiev and many other creatives from my home town Sofia.

We use it as an instrument for communication between designers, photographers, models, editors, audience and clients. Usually, we find additional interesting information under the line. Under The Line is just like that. The creative powerhouse behind the project publishes interviews, portraits, music promos, fashion and videos in general, with a certain personal attitude and strong point of view.

Moreover they look out for, produce and develop progressive ideas together with talented people from art, culture, fashion and the creative industry in general. Under the line are well-disposed towards any proposals for big or small projects, but reserve the right for final edit.

Under The Line is designed to offer more inspiration and satisfy the need for a new way of talking about the people and topics that excite us. This platform is a different approach to customer service and visual projects.

Here’s one of their latest project, video featuring Berlin-based designer Vladimir Karaleev.

You can like their page on Facebook or follow @UnderTheLineTV on Twitter for more exclusive content.

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