It’s ok to feel sad in the city, especially when that city is London. Cloudy skies, grey buildings and mean (and lean) men might be bringing you down. Local or tourist, just follow these five steps and dry those eyes sailor, you’ll be fine:


Quit smoking, quit your job, quit Facebook, quit bad friends, quit fast food…go out and find your zen. Take up yoga, salsa, Spanish or sailing and keep busy.

Realise that it could be worse:

Face it, you’re in London. There are far worse places to be in the world, such as Paris, where the bill for a distinctly average coffee will have you shouting out oh la la or where you’ll be in constant fear of being mugged. Celebrate being in England with a civilised pub lunch or walk along the Thames, pretending you’re in a film/bad TV show.


The benefits of retail therapy are evident: you won’t just feel better but you’ll look it. Strutting through Covent Garden, Portobello or the hallowed halls of Selfridges is the perfect way to erase those blues. N.B. Avoid debt though, it probably won’t help.


Use your time of sadness and self-indulgence to shave whichever body parts you see fit. Look good and feel swell with a £7 haircut on the Tottenham Court Road or shave from home in the comfort of your own bathroom. Light some candles and unwind to London’s Gaydar radio before following the next step.

Dance like it’s 1983

Get trashy in Soho. Follow Time Out’s helpful guide to gay nights in Soho and sweat out your stress. If you’re a fan of 90s classics and cheap drinks, you’ll most likely end up at G-A-Y Late bar, which can be quite depressing at times.

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  1. David

    If that is your bearded face, I would not shave, maybe trim.

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