Yesterday after choking down a horrible popsicle I bought on the High Line in Chelsea that I thought would be good (rhubarb and chai) I decided to see what one of my new favorite galleries bitforms was up to. After seeing an incredible show by Zimoun earlier this semester, I’m sure I was in for something great. Upon arrival I was met with the video installations of London based artist Quayola. His video pieces entitled “Strata” consist of images of that when worked through “special software” create a beautiful mesh of triangles that are then given 3D shape. It creates this landscape of beautiful shapes contorting to little unidentifiable sounds, yet the shapes make up what used to be a famous painting that you were otherwise find in any well renowned museum in Europe. You can see more about the pieces in these tiny excerpts to follow, as well as this interview with Vice.

What’s interesting is that just before I wandered  into the gallery that day, I believe I discovered the free version of the software he had been using. I had seen this program “DMesh” over at the awesome website Creative Applications Network  and discovered that it was available for free here. They even just recently released the iPhone version for a $1 just that day! So you can tell I was incredibly excited when I just stumbled upon this by accident. I highly recommend checking out more of Quayola’s work, as well as experimenting around your city/town with this awesome iPhone camera app that creates similar pictures


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