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Sissi Götze at Fashion Week Berlin AW 2013

 I’ve returned to Berlin again over a year since me being here last and it’s been so far (aside from a bad döner messing with health) a rather pleasant experience. I was able to attend my first Fashion Week ever where I got a first hand look at Berlin based designer Sissi Götze’s work in the separate “Studio” room adjacent to the …

PeterSissi Götze at Fashion Week Berlin AW 2013
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THE NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR 2012: A Recollection

Another year, another art book fair. I honestly can’t believe how one subjects themselves to such an anxiety inducing event such as NYABF on an annual basis. That’s why I’m glad I gave myself two years before returning. The last time I went to the fair in 2010, I was on a date, which caused my mind to panic a …

PeterTHE NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR 2012: A Recollection
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American Medium

This summer I got the lovely opportunity to intern and live in New York City, something I don’t normally get to do as I’m usually stuck up in school in the suburbs. Interning two days a week for GLAAD left me with a lot of free time to see friends, eat an excessive amount of Vanessa’s dumplings in the LES, browse …

PeterAmerican Medium
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Queer Technologies

Lately one of my professors has been crowd sourcing ideas for his upcoming classes this fall from his Facebook friends. One of his classes, which I unfortunately cannot fit into my schedule (I’ll still audit the hell out of it), is called Genres of Affect and explores the idea of how affect is seen as a form of power. It’s …

PeterQueer Technologies
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Flux Death Match: The New Aesthetic

So I’m obsessed with this (trigger word) “movement” that James Bridle and a bunch of his designer friends from London have coined: “The New Aesthetic”. Basically at its most essential can be categorized as a melding of the digital realm with the real world. We humans viewing the world through the eyes of our very own technology, and what beautiful aesthetic qualities …

PeterFlux Death Match: The New Aesthetic
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Strata by Quayola

Yesterday after choking down a horrible popsicle I bought on the High Line in Chelsea that I thought would be good (rhubarb and chai) I decided to see what one of my new favorite galleries bitforms was up to. After seeing an incredible show by Zimoun earlier this semester, I’m sure I was in for something great. Upon arrival I was met with …

PeterStrata by Quayola
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Julianna Barwick & Grouper as Part of Divine Ricochet at the Guggenheim Museum

Friday night saw my first ever visit to the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. The head honcho museum that spans worldwide in Venice, Bilbao, Berlin, and Abu Dhabi. Showing was a retrospective of recently deceased sculptor John Chamberlin that I was able to privately view that night. The rotunda featured his many sculptures consisting of recycled car parts. The main event …

PeterJulianna Barwick & Grouper as Part of Divine Ricochet at the Guggenheim Museum